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Morrison Farm, located in Rockwell, North Carolina, was established in 1946. It combined three adjoining tracts of land in Cabarrus County, NC. Dr. Fred W. Morrison, a Cabarrus County native and an attorney practicing Corporate Law in Washington, DC, purchased the tracts. His brother, John Morrison, ran the farm until his death in 1957. The original 500-acre tract is situated at the north end of Cabarrus County. The farm management was turned over to Dr. Fred Morrison’s daughter, Myra, in 1965 and she became the sole owner at his death in 1985.  Myra's daughter's Trish and Shirley help out with the farm.  Shirley works mainly with the cattle and she's the one to talk to about available cattle for sale.   

Currently, the farm consists of 1000 acres in Cabarrus and Rowan County. The owned land is closely joined. There are four houses on the property. Two of the homes are the main house and guest house. The third house is the Linker house built in 1876 and restored by Myra's daughter, Shirley. The fourth home is the Bernhardt house, a pre Civil War house, built in 1856 and recently restored by Myra's daughter, Trish.

The farming operation consists of near equal amounts of corn, barley, soybean, and hay. The 350+ head of cattle utilize most of the crops. We are finally doing away with our silo - 50 years of service and starting to bale wrapped silage and haylage. We grow 100 acres of corn to be shelled and fed to the cows. Barley is planted in the fall on about 120 acres. Soybeans are the farms major "cash" crop. Myra usually double crops soybeans behind barley. Hay is grown on about 300 acres both rented and owned. We have 3 horses at the farm and are used for trail riding by the grandchildren.  We raise hair sheep for the local market & replacement ewes - we have around 30 ewes and 2 rams.  Guinea fowl are kept, usually about 50, for insect control.

The cattle consist of two independent breeds of cattle as well as many F-1 hybrids. F-1 hybrid cattle are a cross of Simmental and Brahman cattle. The Simmental cattle are the most numerous purebreds on the farm and are the producers of the F-1 hybrids. Our F-1 hybrid are sold for commercial females and the steers are sold for freezer beef.  Simmental bulls and heifers are sold as registered.  The Brahman cattle are bred naturally to bulls purchased from the V8 Ranch in Hungerford, Texas. The Brahman females are either kept in the farm herd or sold as purebreds. The bulls, Simmental and Brahman, are for sale at all times.


Morrison Farm
Myra Neal Morrison, Owner
8800 Row-Cab Line Road  Rockwell, NC 28138

Phone: (704) 279-3128   Cell: (704) 202-6171  Fax: (704) 279-6725

Email: myram@morrisonfarm.com